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Product Infomation

Treatment Products Ltd. is a privately owned business that has been manufacturing vehicle appearance products since 1972. Our name is known throughout the industry for the quality and performance of our products. Our roots stem from the show car circuit selling directly to car enthusiasts and show car owners nationwide. We have taken this experience to develop a wide range of products available for professional use.

Treatment Products has grown into an international manufacturer of quality vehicle appearance products. We are a leader in the car appearance industry and our products are sold worldwide. Our constant drive to create quality products using the latest technologies keeps us ahead of our competition and enables us to remain a leader in the automotive appearance industry.


Nanotech Surface Protection Products

Our eco friendly, long lasting nanotech surface protection products are designed by factory specialists.

Nanoformula has developed a solution for easy house cleaning, vehicle care and building protection.

It saves a huge amount of time and decreases the amount of harmful chemicals used, all at a sensible price.

We offer innovative products for a wide variety of consumers that considerably reduce consumption of chemicals in household, industrial and service use. 

On our website next to the products you will find Technical Data Sheets, Safety Data Sheets and How to use Videos.

Nanotech surface protection products for households

Household surface protection products are easy to clean protective coating for professional and home application. Nanotech surface protection products form an invisible protective coating. The surface becomes self-cleaning, super hydrophobic and dirt repelling which is more effective than cleaning with strong chemicals.

In some cases nanotech products create a protection coating with specific parameters. For example, surface protection coatings for the kitchen have anti-stick properties, making cleaning the protected surfaces very easy without chemicals. 

The consumption of these surface protection products is not more than 3g/m2. Additionally nanotech coatings are long lasting, easy to clean and have a self-cleaning effect. The cost of cleaning with Nanoformula nanotech surface protection products is about 8 times cheaper than usual cleaning chemicals. 100ml of the nanotech products can replace about 10 L usual chemicals which is an important advantage of Nanoformula nanotech surface protection products.

Nanotech surface protection products for car care

Car care nanotech surface protection products belong to two groups: nano protection superhydrophobic car polish products for car exteriors, car glass, car interiors and cleaners with long nano protection effects after waterless car washes. Depending on the application each product has a specific composition of nanotech materials.

Surface protection products create safe and durable protection coatings without forming whitish stains or peeling coatings. These often form when using chemicals based on nano silica oxide or some nano silica products both in alcohol and water. 

They give the car an excellent appearance.

Superhydrophobic surface protection products for upholstery textile and leather of the car interior. These liquids or creams penetrate into the material and create a nano protective layer within the material. They can be used not only for car care but also for other applications, making them multi-purpose.

Nanotech surface protection products for buildings and constructions

Constructions nanotech surface protection products are designed for any building surfaces included mineral materials. These products also create nano coatings on the surface or inside the material without changing the appearance.

Building nanotech surface protection products have an excellent fluidity. They easily penetrate into mineral material (for example, concrete) and create an invisible waterproof layer with a long lasting effect (up to 10 years).

Nanotech surface protection coating for painted metal (for example, sandwich panel) and plastic. There are low cost nanomaterials used in such nanotech surface protection products composition and therefore they are acceptable for wide application.

Microfibres for nanotech surface protection products

We recommend our microfibre cloths as an accessory to nanotech surface protection products.