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Why Choose Nanoformula Products?

They are eco-friendly, long lasting, easy to use and very cost effective

Nanoformula has developed a solution for easy house cleaning and vehicle care, it saves a huge amount of time and decreases the amount of harmful chemicals used

We offer innovative high-quality products for a wide variety of consumers that considerably reduce consumption of chemicals in household, industrial and service use. 

Using usual house cleaning or car care products gives only clean looks in a short period of time. Although the dirt is removed from the surface, the backward process begins almost immediately (dirt and pollution start to gather on the surface again), over a period it needs to be cleaned again with chemical products.

The products can still be applied in the winter months unlike other polishes so your car can be protected all year round

Which increases the lifetime of the vehicle and gives satisfaction to car-owner 

How they work:

All surfaces are uneven but not always seen by the naked eye, Nano technology works by filling any uneven surface with tiny molecules to make it smooth and self-cleaning 

Treated areas become self-cleaning and don’t allow the dirt to stick to the surface. The dirt is easy cleaned with dry or wet cloth 

All products create almost invisible nano super hydrophobic coating on the surface or inside the materials being protected

They are mixture of the liquid organic polymers (oligomers) including nanoparticles.

How much product do I need?

You don't have to use very much at all on average it is 3 grams per square meter.