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The Treatment

The Color Treatment® Colour Enhanced Liquid Car Wax

The Treatment

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The Color Treatment® Colour Enhanced Liquid Car Wax

The Color Treatment® is the only coloured wax in the world, to utilise a special formula of expensive carnauba waxes, fortified with P.T.F.E. resins. The Color Treatment® is designed to stay in a thick, creamy consistency in the bottle, with no product or colour separation. The unique formula will provide a deep dark shine on the coloured surface that closest matches the colour of the product, while imparting a hard durable carnauba/P.T.F.E protective shield. The Color Treatment® will even perform on faded, old, dull finishes, bringing them back to their original luster. This formula was developed so you will no longer have to struggle to remove a white dusty wax residue from the car’s surface while removing the wax. The Color Treatment® will also help to fill in minor nicks and fine scratches, while improving swirl marks, overspray, oxidation, bugs, road tar, tree sap, grime, and pollution. All of this is accomplished in a formula that is safe for all automotive finishes.


The Color Treatment® is currently available in 13 colours, one to match virtually any car colour. The colours available are black, white, silver, red, dark red, blue, dark blue, yellow, green, dark green, brown, tan & grey.  Each colour is formulated to match a range of specific automotive colours, so an exact colour match is not required to benefit from the unique qualities of the wax. Just choose the colour that is closest to the car’s paint. This unique blend of quality pigments, carnauba wax, and protective P.T.F.E., has made The Color Treatment® one of the most recognised brands of coloured waxes throughout the world.

We recommend using Finish Restorer to ensure the surface is clean prior to use.

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Currently available in 13 colours

12 oz. bottle and Now available in 16 oz Bottles

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