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Collinite 840 Sapphire Prewax Cleaner


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Collinite 840 Sapphire Prewax Cleaner

Car Polish and car cleaning products with Carnauba

A NON ABRASIVE Liquid car cleaner that easily removes dirt, film, discolouration, oil, grease, tar, wax and bug-stains from highly finished surfaces. Recommended for cleaning car paint, chrome and aluminium accessories. Also great for enamelled, laquered and varnished furniture. Leaves a chemically clean surface to which Collinite ® waxes can bond perfectly.

1.)Apply with a cloth. Rub as necessary to loosen dirt etc.
2.) While the surface is still wet with cleaner polish off with a microfibre cloth.

For use on all laquered and enamel surfaces.

Not recommended for new or dark coloured clear coat finishes. Only use the cleaner if the car is a non-clear coat lighter finish (white, silver, tan). Clear coats and newer finishes do not require a cleaner, and simply require a wax protectant. Always apply wax after using a cleaner.

**TOP TIP!!**
We recommend use of this product before any waxing as it leaves a chemically clean surface to which collinite waxes can bond perfectly which increases the long-lasting brilliance and performance of protective wax coating to your car.

Available in 473ml / 16oz (1 pint US) bottle

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